Rising Leaders Mission is to transition at-risk youth into productive young adulthood and beyond, through trauma focused and strength-based services.


Rising Leaders Global (RLG) was founded in 2008 by N’’Namdee Nelson. A life-long resident of Camden, New Jersey. Mr. Nelson was determined to improve the quality of life for his city, peers and particularly youth. At the outset of his career, Mr. Nelson worked in youth programs throughout the city and county of Camden. Determined to do more, Mr. Nelson along with a small group of peers, began conducting motivational speaking forums at local Camden City Schools. Recognizing the lack of positive male role-models from urban areas in inner cities, they sought to show youth that success and higher education could be achieved despite exposure to poverty, violence, single parenting, and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles some of our youth face. Noticing the profound impact the forums had on youth, coupled with the demand for more assistance, the idea of Rising Leaders Global (RLG) was born.


Rising Leaders Global now feeds the homeless and less fortunate! Weekly, RLG representatives, along with youth and community volunteers travel to various areas throughout the city of Camden providing meals for those in need. In an effort to continue expanding our community impact, RLG will be working conjunctively with other community organizations to further this cause.

In light of our current expansion projects, we are seeking donations of food items to continue our current community service project of providing meals to those in need. For further inquiries regarding in-kind donations, involvement with the organization, or financial contributions please contact the Executive Director.