Rising Leaders Global is a not for profit, community-based agency in Camden, New Jersey that provides a wide spectrum of services to teenagers and young adults. RLG offers the following services: Mentoring, Employment Training & Placement, Life Skills, Tutoring, Financial Literacy, Motivational Speaking, Cultural Enrichment, Recreational Activities, and a host of community service projects. Rising Leaders Global strongly advocates for individuals and families to invest in their communities. Consequently, RLG conducts “”Clean Sweep” projects where on average, approximately 40 to 50 youth and adults participate in beautifing a designated city park or city street throughout the spring and summer months.

N’Namdee Nelson

Executive Director

“My drive is to be one of the leaders of today’s world and help lead our society to unity and positive thinking, which will ultimately lead to success.”

Mr. Nelson, RLGs’ Executive Director was born and raised in the city of Camden New Jersey. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Communications from Ursinus College and obtained his Mastor’s of Public Adminstration from Rutgers University. Mr. Nelson has over 10 years of experience managing, supervising and overseeing programs for adolescents.


Darryl Mack

Community Outreach Director

His work to date has earned him the prestigious 2017 “I Am Camden” award for business. Being a life long resident of Camden, he has seen first hand the positive effect mentoring has on a child. When he isn’t in the street with a blow horn, he is spending time with his family, riding the trails on his quad, and trying very hard not to be the worst pool player in the APA. He is a firm believer that if you believe in yourself you will succeed.


Jamia Santiago

Sponsorship Director/Mentor

​Jamia has lived her life through firm principles of love, respect, self value, and determination. Being a mother of 4 daughters has allowed Jamia to continuously fulfill her heart’s desire of building up our youth, by being a positive role model for them and others. Her dedication for the city of Camden was recognized from the community, presenting her with the 2017 “I Am Camden” award, despite not being from the city.
“I really believe in changing the mindset. We must invest in the youth now, so they will have a chance to invest in their future.”