While education is very important for our young adults there are many that struggle with different subjects. Alot of our young adults do not receive extra help so we try to provide the needed assistance. We have certified teachers and highly educated staff that assist with tutoring in special areas of need. We give one on one assistance to our young adults which allows them to feel comfortable focusing on their education.


We will determine our clients primary and secondary needs through individual assessments. Our specialized staff will focus on those needs and assist our clients along with their families in helping to make positive changes while establishing trusting relationships. All of our clients will participate in daily life skills programs, community service projects along with some extracurricular activities.

Life Skills:

We understand that it’s very important in todays world to have an abundance of skills. We have prepared a curriculum of appropriate life skills that we feel according to the young adults needs, will be beneficial in their success of surviving in today’s society. Some of our basic life skills programs are cooking, appropriate hygeine, money management, healthy living, and employment. We offer our clients those things that they need or may be lacking that will allow them to have more chance of being successful by being educated.