The Youth Career Entrepreneurship Program (YCEP) is a program that introduces youth/young adults to different career paths as young as 6 years of age, with a special focus on entrepreneurship. We want to develop leaders and future business owners, highlighting the importance of superseding sustainability.


  • Change mindset from “job” to career mentality
  • Building future leaders of character
  • Provide resources and knowledge of career opportunities, including continual connections in the workforce
  • Develop entrepreneurs
  • Mold youth to become productive members of society, thus building up families and the community


In today’s society, a “job” isn’t sufficient enough to live a successful life. The cost of living is much higher than what minimum wage pays.


Months 1-3 focusing on character building: love, respect, self-esteem, responsibilities, compassion, self-control, obedience, honesty, goal setting, skill sets and introduction to “career” mentality

Months 3-6 focusing on individual career planning, workshops, business plans, and hands on experience.
Our program is broken down into 4 different age
categories: 6-9, 10-13, 14-17, 18+

  • Each plan customized for the group/individual
  • Monthly community service
  • Stipends
  • Mentor to model
  • Networking opportunities


YCEP has partnered with several businesses and corporations that will work with our youth/young adults in their perspective fields. Our participants will be introduced to several different career paths. After a career of interest is identified we will assist them in creating a life plan and teach them how to stay on task as they accomplish their goals, working towards completion of the program.

We have developed training workshops that all the program participants will complete before moving on to career training. Our program works with each participant for a minimum of six months.

Our continuous goal is to change the mindset of the youth/young adults so they can write their future toward greatness. Collaboratively we can change their goals into realities.


A collaborative approach between parents, Rising Leaders staff, and related professionals is utilized to maximize the participant’s progress. Educational, behavioral and related service goals are individualized using our curriculum in an effort to meet each participant’s specific needs.

A major goal of this transitional program is to support and encourage the development of social and life skills which are required to sustain successful independent living within the community.


•    Become a partner:  Volunteer your time through workshops, hands on training, and/or internships.
•    Sponsorship: Donating monetarily, workshop space, equipment, and/or supplies needed.